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Brian’s Fishing Guides

Brian’s Fishing Guides offers personlised guided freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing experiences all over the North Island of New Zealand. Specifically designed for fishermen who are wanting to have the very best New Zealand fishing experience.

Our Guides

Our guides are a dynamic group of passionate fishermen who have the knowledge and experience to make the most of your time on the water, and provide a trip to remember.

Freshwater Fishing

New Zealand has some of the world’s best Freshwater Fishing spots in the world. Salmon, trout and many more could be at the end of your line.

Saltwater Fishing

New Zealand offers you fantastic Saltwater Fishing excursions. You could be catching anything from Kingfish to Kahawai and many more.

You are in great hands

Our guides will use their expertise and experience to ensure you have the best opportunity to get that big catch!

Custom Packages

Our fishing guide packages are customised to your requirements. From the type of fishing, to the type of accommodation and style of meals you would like to enjoy. We also offer add-on New Zealand iconic experiences, to make the most of your time in New Zealand. Submit your booking request and we will provide a quote for you to accept.

3 Steps to Booking


  1. 1Send your booking request
  2. 2We will provide a quote for you to confirm your booking
  3. 3You experience New Zealand’s fishing at its best

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